Sunshine Cho

Shine was a 2016-17 Active Voice fellow. She was a sophomore majoring in political science at the University of California San Diego. For three years she worked on her high school publication Tiger Newspaper which culminated in her leading the 36-person staff as editor-in-chief her senior year. She continued her interest in student journalism at UCSD and during her fellowship was a staff writer for The Triton and a contributor at inewssource, an investigative reporting agency. She previously interned with the investigative unit of CBS News in Los Angeles.

Posts by Shine

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Bad News

I counted feet in iambic pentameter in my freshman English class, discussed literary devices the following school year, identified rhetorical devices in AP Language as a junior, and wrote analytical essays my senior year. For all the Shakespeare I remember […]


Why I’m Here

“Sweetheart.” “Honey.” “You can’t be serious.” “That’s an inappropriate thing to say.” I’ve received these comments in actual professional settings, as well as in my positions as a student journalist. I’ve been disrespected, ignored, and not taken seriously on the […]