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2016 Active Voice Fellow Sunshine Cho

Introducing Active Voice Fellow Sunshine Cho

By Holly Speck Sunshine Cho has a confession to make. Before she was a rising sophomore at the University of California, San Diego, 7-year-old Shine ‘borrowed’ her father’s credit card and subscribed to a two-year TIME Magazine subscription. Luckily, Shine’s...

/ August 30, 2016
2016 Active Voice Fellow Nashwa Bawab

Introducing Active Voice Fellow Nashwa Bawab

As a Muslim girl living in Texas, it was hard to find my voice at first. After 9/11, my dad would try to explain to me what hate was and instances I might come across it in life. I felt...

/ August 26, 2016
2016 Active Voice Fellow Darlene Aderoju

Introducing Active Voice Fellow Darlene Aderoju

Looking back, I wish I had someone to help me develop confidence. I wish I had support from the few other black girls at my school to feel beautiful. I wish I had someone to tell me that there’s more...

/ August 24, 2016

Active Voicers, Assemble! Chicago workshop kicks off inaugural fellowship year

“Find your voice. Own your voice. Don’t be afraid” Five college journalists drawn from campuses from coast-to-coast got a two-day crash course in movement-building from experts in the legal, nonprofit and public-relations fields. The Aug. 18-19 workshop marked the kickoff...

/ August 21, 2016
Making Sistory - Active Voice interview with the Klibanoff sisters

Making Sistory – Active Voice Focus on the Klibanoff Sisters

By Holly Speck What do you get when you combine sisters and history? Very literally, you get – Sistory! Here at Active Voice we are all about female journalist empowerment in the present and fighting censorship for the future, but...

/ July 15, 2016

Introducing our Fellows

These five young women from colleges across the country will spend the academic year working on a free speech service project in their communities aimed at maximizing the voices of female high school journalists.

/ July 12, 2016