The Student Press Law Center helps students gather information and share ideas by using their legal rights intelligently. The SPLC offers educational programming and public-policy advocacy addressing four interlocking issue areas: (1) freedom of expression, (2) open government, (3) civic participation and online civility. The SPLC is a strong, well-established organization founded 40 years ago to provide free legal information and guidance to students and teachers nationwide, with the objective of promoting more engaged citizens through the vehicle of journalism.

The SPLC occupies a unique space at the intersection of law, journalism, education and civics, with decades-long relationships and credibility in each sphere. With a diversified Board of Directors, experienced staff leadership with decades of subject-matter expertise, deep partner relationships across the spectrum of law, education and journalism, an engaged following on social media, and the financial security of a $3.5 million endowment fund, the SPLC is well-positioned to carry out the Active Voice program.