Month: March 2018

Bringing New Voices to Florida

While getting legislation in during the 2018 legislative year didn’t happen, there are supporters in Florida who are looking forward to bringing it to next year’s legislative session. Part of that hope comes from the fact that there are many...

/ March 8, 2018

Amplifying Teen Voices on Education and Tech

The past couple months have been hectic, but we are finally getting in the thick of it. This year for my Active Voice project I’m working with 9th grade girls at Foshay High School to create a mini podcast series....

/ March 4, 2018

Free Expression as Art in Lubbock, Texas

As an Active Voice fellow, I was given the opportunity to connect with local high school students in Lubbock, Texas. For my project, I wanted to give these students an outlet to express themselves freely where they wouldn’t have to...

/ March 2, 2018